win 70 petol voucher

This is a free to enter product testing competition for people who reside in the UK. It’s to win a £70 petrol voucher free!


Petrol is getting more and more expensive every day, and it really can drain lots of your money if you are a driver. Wouldn’t you like to get a £70 Voucher to fill up at Petrol Stations for free?

Well, this is your chance to do just that. Enter for your chance to be a product reviewer and save some of your own cash!

If you get selected to win the Product Testing competition  then you can test a variety of things such as new gadgets, the latest tech, fashion accessories and other stuff and then you get to keep them after you have written a 500+ word review about the product you tested. It even gives you the opportunity to become a mystery shopper and go to great restaurants and stores in the UK and get free meals along with lots of other cool  free stuff.  All users need to do  is write a simple review in exchange for keeping their chosen product for free click the red button for more details and to enter!

Click the button above or here to enter to WIN A £70 PETROL VOUCHER!

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