win a free PlayStation 5

Want to get your hands on the new PlayStation 5? Well this is chance to get one for free! It is a product testing competition which is free to enter and online to win a free PlayStation 5!!!!!




The PlayStation 5 is even better than the previous model PS4 as it has nicer graphics and it has even quicker load times. Another great thing about the PS5 is that you can play all you PS4 games on it, so it means you don’t have re buy all of your favourite games all over again. The game console controllers that come with the new PS5 have also been improved with a longer lasting battery life.

If you win this free UK Competition you can actually get to try the PlayStation 5 out as they are looking for testers. Once you have tested it you will be required to write a review on the product however after that its all yours to play on as much as you like. Not a bad deal we think. The PS5 is going to be expensive so this is great way to save your own money and get your hands on the newest console for absolutely nothing.

So if you love gaming then this is a top notch competition. So you might as well go for it as there’s nothing to lose by entering as it is free to enter!

Enter here to win a free PlayStation 5!




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