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If you would like to add a free competition, paid survey, or free offer to the website or/and have us promote it for you for maximum marketing exposure on all of our social media marketing platforms, please read the following requirements and fill in all the details below.

All competition listings are reviewed so please make sure you have read the rules before submitting otherwise your competition will not be published.

You might also be interested in reading our blog post on How to Promote your business before adding your competition. It has advice about how to best increase the success of your competition and also has all the rules for different social media platforms on it too.


Here’s how you can showcase your contest at no cost on our social media channels, expanding your reach. Below, find detailed instructions for each platform.

Twitter: Hosting a Twitter contest? Follow @FreeCompetitio5, tag us in your contest tweet, or send the tweet link for a retweet.

Instagram: Running an Instagram contest? Follow @myfreecompetitions, tag us in your post or story, or send us the link in messenger.

Facebook: We’ve switched to featuring only UK-based contests on our sister site, Competition World, as we don’t have a specific Facebook page for Free Competitions. If you’re hosting a UK contest, don’t forget to like Competition World’s page. You can get featured by tagging @Competitionworld1 in your post or by sending us the link. But remember, we can only share your contest if it follows Facebook’s guidelines, listed below. If not, we can’t include it.

YouTube:  Have a YouTube giveaway? First, subscribe to our channel @freecompetitions. Next, tag us in your video description or send us your channel and video links. Your video must follow YouTube’s rules. If it does, we might add it to our playlist and our website. Just fill out the form you see below.

Pinterest: If you would like us to pin one of your Pinterest competitions on our boards follow us @freecompetitions and send us a link to your pin by messenger.



Essential Guidelines for Featuring Your Competition on Our Site

  1. Contest Duration: Must extend for a minimum period of three weeks.
  2. Participant Eligibility: Open exclusively to individuals residing in the UK, US, or Australia.
  3. Title Requirements: Choose a short, all-caps title like “WIN [YOUR PRIZE].
  4. Image Specifications for Prizes: Only Image size accepted are 500 x 332px. Images require compression before submission. Compress images here.
  5. Description Necessities: Provide a detailed 200-word minimum description that includes:
    • What business is hosting the competition
    • A detailed description of the prize to be won
    • How to enter
    • The competition closing date
    • Who is eligible to enter
    • The country the competition is for


  • NO Amazon Gift Card Draws: We’re full up on these, so we’re not accepting more.
  • NO Repeat Prizes: Check our site to make sure your prize isn’t the same as one we already have.
  • NO Affiliate Links in Competitions.

If these points aren’t followed, we will NOT list your competition on our site.

You can also submit any UK competition for FREE on our other website


Unfortunately, we do not provide free advertising for competition websites. However, we’re more than happy to team up! If you’re interested in a partnership/collaboration or wish to use our paid service to gain more visibility for your competitions, we offer special features just for you. Instead of the standard submission form below, please contact us directly at [email protected] to explore these opportunities. We’re excited about the possibility of working together!

Ready to Submit Your Competition?

Make sure you’ve followed our guidelines. Then, use the form below to submit. If your contest meets our rules, we’ll display it on our site. If not, unfortunately, we won’t publish it to keep our content unique and exciting.

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