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If you would like to add a free competition, paid survey, or free offer to the website or/and have us promote it for you for maximum marketing exposure on all of our social media marketing platforms, please read the following requirements and fill in all the details below.

All competition listings are reviewed so please make sure you have read the rules before submitting otherwise your competition will not be published.

You might also be interested in reading our blog post on How to Promote your business before adding your competition. It has advice about how to best increase the success of your competition and also has all the rules for different social media platforms on it too.

For social media competitions

We can only post your competitions on our social media pages if they abide by the social media platform’s rules.


If you are hosting a Twitter competition follow us on @FreeCompetitio5 and then either tag us in your competition tweet or message us with the link of your tweet and we can retweet it on our page.


If you are hosting an Instagram competition follow us on @myfreecompetitions and then either tag us in the captions of tagged people when you post your competition or you can message us the artwork and description and then we can post it.


Unfortunately, we can only post competitions for UK residents on Facebook now for Competition World. If you have a UK competition make sure that you like Competition World’s Facebook page then either tag @Competitionworld1  in your competition post or send us a message with the link to your Facebook competition post, and if it meets the Facebook competition requirements below it will be posted. Competition World cannot post any competition that does not follow Facebook’s rules so please read the requirements below, as it won’t even be considered for posting if it doesn’t.

Facebook competition requirements


If you are hosting a YouTube giveaway subscribe to our YouTube Channel and send us a link to your YouTube channel along with a link to your YouTube Giveaway video. If your YouTube Video is compliant with YouTubes rules we can add it to our featured playlist for our viewers and add it to our website if you fill in the following form down below.


If you would like us to pin one of your Pinterest competitions on our boards follow us @freecompetitions and send us a link to your pin by email [email protected]

To add a competition to our website

If you would like any other competition to be added where you have to enter on your website there is a one-off £5 admin fee per competition added. For the £5 admin fee we will advertise your competition on our website and on all our social media platforms.

You can submit any UK competition for FREE on our other website

We do not publish duplicate content, so if we have a competition that is offering the exact same prize as something we already have on the website we will not publish it. So please check first before submitting a competition by using the search bar to see if there are any other similar competitions where the prize is the same thing.

We only publish affiliated competitions or competitions that are from other competition sites if there is a mutually beneficial collaboration or if you select the featured option with a small monthly subscription fee. If you would like to do this please email [email protected]

If you would like your competition to be featured on all of the pages of the Free Competitions website we charge £ 10 pm for each competition.

The following competition rules must be complied with otherwise we will not post your competition.

    1. The competition title must be written in capital letters and be 4- 5 words max. Example WIN  ….. ……. …….
    2. The post description has to be a minimum of 200 words and the following should be addressed in it;
    • What business is hosting the competition
    • A detailed description of the prize to be won
    • How to enter
    • When and how the winner will be chosen
    • The competition closing date
    • Who is eligible to enter
    • Country the competition is for
    • The image must be the right size and compressed before submitting. Click here to compress the image

Any competitions that do not include the information requested above will not be posted.

Please fill in the form below if you have read the above rules. Your competition will be submitted for review. If approved your competition will be published as soon as we can.

Please complete the required fields.
Please select your image(s) to upload. Images should be 382x220 pixels
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