win $500 off a solar system

This is one of the best free Australian competitions we have found on the web at the moment. Its for the chance to win $500 towards a Solar System for your home with Aussie-Solar! To be eligible you have to be over the age of 18 and an Australian resident that either owns a home or business.


All you have to do to enter is to get a free quote from Aussie-Solar on their website, as if you did win you would need to see if your house is actually viable for Solar power before hand to be qualified for the prize .

With Solar power you can reduce your electricity bills and sometimes even get rid of them altogether. Not only that, its good for the environment too as solar creates clean energy from the sun instead of using fossil fuels which are bad for the environment. However even though getting solar power installed on your home is a lot more cheaper than it used to be it still can be a lot upfront,so if you have been thinking about getting solar power then this competition might be your chance to save your self a lot of money on the upfront cost of buying the solar system.

Aussie-Solar a trusted Australian owned solar energy company that provides and installs high quality solar systems and they also have an online solar shop that sells solar powered products. They do have finance options where you can pay $0 upfront and then pay small weekly or monthly payments so its definitely worth checking it out as they say you can pay as you save and you’ll be saving yourself $500.

They have more information about solar power and it’s benefits, the products they use etc on their website.

So if you would like to win $500 towards a Solar System for your home click here!


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