win a xbox series x

Love gaming? Love new gadgets? Well, this free to enter product testing competition for UK residents gives you the opportunity to win an Xbox Series X for Free!


Game consoles are expensive in this day and age, so if you did win, it would save you heaps of money as the XBox Series X is priced around about £600 in the shops.

As it is a product testing competition if you were the lucky winner you would get to try it first and then get to keep it afterwards!

Not only is the XBox Series X great to play on and has loads of popular games in the shops for it they are also amazing gifts to give your kids or to your partner. So if you if you have lots of presents to buy but you don’t have the cash to buy them, this is a great opportunity win one for free. The best things in life are free.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on your chance as it doesn’t cost you a thing to enter!

Are you feeling lucky?

Enter here today for your chance to win an Xbox Series X for Free!

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