win a free uber eats take out voucher for £50

This is one of the free to enter competitions that’s also a good quarantine competition for UK residents to enter. Its for the chance to win a free take out dinner from Uber Eats for £50!


If you are sick of cooking and wouldn’t mind treating yourself to a nice take out dinner that doesn’t cost you anything then this is the competition for you!

With nothing to lose you might as well enter as if you did win its saves you 50 quid of your own money.

Uber Eats are great as you can pick whatever cuisine you feel like having for dinner . They are very handy when you cant be bothered cooking or you just want to have a night in front of the telly and fancy some comfort food. You can book with them online and they are usually have very quick delivery times depending on where you live obviously.

Whilst Covid 19 is still around there might be quite a lot nights in and everyone should save as much of their cash as they possibly can. So by entering this free UK Competition it gives you the opportunity win win a free meal for you and your family during these strange times.

Enter here to win £50 Uber Eats Dinner!

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