win a free yankee candle

This free entry UK competition is to win a free Yankee Candle!


Yankee Candles are the majority of the world’s favourite type of candle. Yankee candles are 100% natural and unlike the majority of cheaper candles out there they burn nice and evenly, which means they are easier to light again. Not only that the smell amazing and come in many beautiful scents to make your home smell amazing.

This is a test, review and keep competition. Normally the Yankee Candle is worth 22 Pounds in retail shops, which is very expensive for a candle but you get what you pay for. This competition gives you the chance to get one for absolutely nothing. These lovely candles will set the mood in your house and make it smell beautiful too!

They are great for lighting when you are having a nice relaxing bubble bath as they create a nice relaxing mood, and also when you have guests round, they mask any odours in your house. They are even good at setting a romantic vibe in the air when you have a date over for dinner.

For your chance to win a Yankee candle free enter here!


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