win a free iphone 11

This free UK competition is for anyone who could do with a new phone. Its a product testing competition for the chance to win a free iPhone 11!




The iPhone 11 is priced at £1049 in Apple stores, so if you were selected as the lucky winner it would save you a heap of your own cash than if you were to buy one yourself. As its a product testing competition if you won the competition you would get to try the iPhone out first and then all you would need to do is leave an honest review of it and then you can keep the iPhone for free afterwards!

The iPhone 11 is the newest phone out from Apple released recently on the 13th September 2019.

Apple iPhones are one of the greatest smartphones out there. They have iTunes on and they are great because you don’t need to install any anti virus, security or anti malware apps on them as they are already built in to the phone. The iPhone 11 comes with 4GB of RAM and the best thing about this most recent model is the battery life. Its lasts a lot longer than previous models and it charges really quick too. Another great thing about this phone is camera.

Click here for the chance to enter and win a free iphone 11!

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