win a playstation 4 free

This is a UK product testing competition for the chance to win a Playstation 4 free!!!


The PlayStation 4 is one of the best game consoles out there at the moment. Every gamer will enjoy playing on the PlayStation 4. One of the main benefits of getting a PS4 is there are plenty of really cool games out there to play on it .It also has some cool extra features such as facial recognition, standby charging, motion control typing and you can even use your phone as the keyboard if you want to. You can stream movies, TV shows so its not just a games console.

So if your a gamer and are in need of a new games console or even if your not and you just like playing the occasional game here and there, or maybe you want to give the perfect gift for one of your kids or a loved one. This is a great chance to save yourself £300 as if you win you will get it for nothing!

If you win the competition all you have to do to claim your prize is try it out first and then leave a review.

Click here to enter to win a playstation 4 free!

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