win free ebike worth £2000

This is a free to enter online competition for UK residents for the chance to win an E-Bike worth £2000 for free!




For all of those who aren’t entirely sure of what an E-Bike is, its an electric bicycle. They are the same as a normal bicycle but with an added bonus of a motor attached to it. The motor is very helpful in making your ride a lot easier and smoother and you can go up hills with more ease and also travel through windy situations a lot better.

The great thing about these e-bikes is that they can go a lot faster than a normal bike can, so you can get to where you want to go a lot quicker. Its very similar to having a motorbike or a car except it is a lot healthier, as you still can get your exercise in, and it is a lot cheaper too as you don’t have to pay for fuel. Not only that hey are also better for the environment than a car or motor bike as they are energy efficient, and emission-free.

E-Bikes are great but they are rather pricey to buy so that is why this free entry competition is a good one, as if you don’t have £2000 to fork out on a brand new one but still don’t want to be denied the chance of having one, you can enter for free and fingers crossed you might just win if your lucky!

Click here to go to their competition page to enter to win a free e-bike!

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