win free tesco groceries

This is a great lock down competition for the chance win 3 months of free groceries at Tesco with free delivery!




Imagine not having to worry about paying for food and you don’t even need to leave the house to get it. One more worry crossed off the list. Its free to enter so why not give it a shot!

Three whole months of free groceries would save you a heap of money if you were to win. Think of the money would save. It would give you that added security that you could feed you and family during this weird Covid 19 pandemic we have going on at the moment. You could save the money you would of spent on something more preferable or just save it.

This pandemic has caused everyone to struggle more than ever with money as a lot of people have been made redundant or simply can’t work due to the restrictions in place. This causes a lot of stress and so entering a lot of free entry competitions like these gives you the opportunity to get a bit of security if you were to win and as most of us have plenty of time on our hands it means we can go nuts and enter a lot more free competitions than we usually have time for. And by entering more free competitions the more chance you have of winning more free prizes.

Click here to enter to win 3 months of free groceries at Tesco!


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