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Opinion Inn


For anyone residing in the UK, here is a website called Opinion Inn which is great for anyone who loves participating in Paid online surveys. By giving your opinion you get the chance to earn some cash which is great if you are skint and are looking to earn some extra money on the side.



Opinion Inn has a 4.7 rating on Trust Pilot which we like as sometimes you just can’t tell if some of these sites are dodgy or not. But the great thing about Trust Pilot is you get genuine reviews from real people so you know these guys have a good reputation and are safe to use.… Read the rest

Branded surveys


If you love any opportunity to make some extra cash from home we have found another Paid Online Survey Website called Branded Surveys. They have a website for UK residents and US residents.

For UK Residents


For US Residents


The great thing about these guys is that when you sign up to them they give a 100 points bonus for free which gives you a massive head start making some decent cash with them.

All the surveys are from major brands and every single survey you complete you can collect rewards from. You can receive these rewards either in cash or betting getting the equivalent in gift cards.… Read the rest